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A year of Art

A year of Art

I am very proud of the picture above because I took it myself! Yes, outside a coffee shop in Shoreditch, any better reason to love coffee shops even more!

If you don't know, I am an art-lover! I love art and this love merges perfectly with my love for photography, as I spend a lot of my time taking photographs of all the beautiful art pieces I come across. On my blog, later this month, I would be starting a column called ‘Sightings’ which I would update regularly with pictures of beautiful sightings like art, buildings, antiques, galleries, cafes, any thing quaint or artistic that I photograph, and I will update the section regularly.

But for a start, this post will be dedicated to my general love for art. In this post I will be sharing some of the beautiful art pieces I have seen over the past year. I would be sharing art pieces from Saatchi Gallery, The Michael Hoppen Gallery, the Art Galleries in Margate, Alara and some sculptures from my trip to Edinburgh earlier this year.

P.S : all the pictures in this post were taken by me.

To set the tone, I'll start with this one. I found this space outside a clothing store in Leicester square, I thought the colours and tones were just beautiful, it's amazing you can find art in the places you're least expecting.


The first Art Gallery I visited this year was Saatchi Gallery (at Sloane Square) and I'd say that it is definitely my favourite Art Gallery (so far)

I'd start with my favourie piece. This horse looked so real, it was unreal! lol The size, everything.



What I loved about this next one, was the colour. It wasn't just your average blue, there was something very interesting about the colour.


And the final one. This one was also the largest, so large that it had a room of its own.



The second gallery I visited this year was the Michael Hoppen Gallery. I had never actually heard of this gallery before. The gallery my friend and I wanted to visit, was closed that day, so we ended up looking up other galleries in Sloane Square and we found this one, and I'm so happy we did. I'd say that the most meaningful art pieces I found this year were at the Michael Hoppen Gallery and I'll tell you why in a bit.


These set of paintings were titled 'The Image as the Question Life Magazine; April 19th, 1968 Alfredo Jaar' They are photographs from the day that Martin Luther King Jr was buried. In the first photograph, you have an image of the day in 1968. In the second picture, you have a representation of the number of black people that were at his funeral. In the third picture, you have a representation of the number of white people that were present. I found the difference in the numbers very interesting and so relevant especially at a time like this in history.


This one gave me serious Arya Stark vibes, yes a girl really has no name lol



I would probably remove this next one at some point because the Nigerian in me finds it scary lol



I featured these paintings in my earlier post about Margate, but here it is again. Some of the paintings I found in the Art Galleries at Margate. We went into about three Art Galleries that day.

I remember seeing the price tag on these paintings and thinking 'Whoa!' and then the artist told me she had painted every single one with spoons, then it all made sense.



This was also by the same artist- painted with spoons as well.



More paintings from another Art Gallery in Margate.



I found this by the beach, made of sea shells. Thought it was beautiful.


Let's take it back to Lagos for a bit. I've said this before, Lagos is my heartbeat, and I would do a separate post about my love for Lagos when I'm there this December. But I was in Lagos last December, and I had the chance to visit Alara. If you haven't been to Alara, you need to go. It is just so much art in one place, they also didn't miss that Lagos vibe with the entire place. There's a lot of African pieces, prints and arts and crafts too. I remember seeing a painting of Fela on the wall at Alara and thinking "wow you guys get me!" But yeah, here are some pictures from Alara.



This is Mollyyy, one of my faves that I went with :)



I can't get enough of these chairs- the colours, the prints, everything!


The food from the restaurant was also divine!



This was inside...



A Christmas tree made of African Textiles. Love it!



Can you spy Fela anywhere...



Some more art pieces...


Couldn't get enough of the restaurant interior!


No no, we're not leaving Lagos just yet! So I think Art can be anything- paintings, sculptures, beautiful interiors, even cute pink doors! lol While in Lagos, I took some photographs of the Hard Rock Cafe in Oniru. The interior there gives me so much life, it's kinda like going to an Urban Outfitters or something.


This is Bolaji one of my faves, who I was there with



And they had the best Chicken Skewers, take me back!



Now back to Landaaann ...we'll be in Edinburgh in a bit.



I'm currently on the Host Team at Hillsong London, and they just know how to pick the best venues for their events. So we had a team meeting here, at this old cathedral in Westminster. The ceilings were just divine- how high they were, the written text on them, the colours- just beautiful.



Just a stone throw away from the cathedral was Big Ben. Can't believe we're not gonna hear him for a while...


Hey Edinburgh!



Earlier this year, I visited Edinburgh with my family. We spent Easter there in Scotland. Edinburgh is such a beautiful, quaint little city. The city has very stunning architecture. It's also filled with beautiful statues like this one...


I am unsure of who this statue is meant to be potraying, but it was one of my faves.


This is David Hume, a Scottish Philosopher. David Hume once said:

“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them”

It is one of my favourite quotes by him. It simply means Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think that is so relevant to any form of art generally.


We've come to the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed all my Art pieces and suggestions! and Look out for more of my posts, there is so much more to come.


Tunrie xx





















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