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New Reads!..I believe in Book Fairies

New Reads!..I believe in Book Fairies

Hey Loves!

You might be wondering what ‘Book Fairies’ mean haha. But yes, it is actually a thing.

This video of Emma Watson being a Book Fairy in Paris explains it perfectly.


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Book Fairies go around hiding books around the world for people to find, read, and then leave for the next person. You can read more about them here. But Yes! Being a Book Fairy is something I would love to do in the near future! And when it does happen, I’d definitely be sharing that here.

In the mean time however, while I’m not being a book fairy, I have been adding to my collection of ‘new reads’. These are a few of them.


I planned to be done with them this summer but I’m not quite done yet. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my faves that I snapped up this summer and why I decided to read them.

1)   Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie- If you know me, you would know that I love Chimamanda, and I’ve always wanted to read her work. I love all her speeches as well as her views on feminism- which is the current inspiration for my piece on feminism I talked about on my blog here. I started reading Purple Hibiscus actually, but a friend advised me to start with her other book, ‘Americanah’ instead, he thought I’d love that one more, seeing as the main character moves abroad to study as well and also has a blog where she documents her experiences, he thought I’d relate to it more. So I’m torn at the moment...what do you think? Any Chimamanda fans? Which is better to start with, Purple Hibiscus or Americanah?

2)   Ghana must Go by Taiye Selasi- I have had so many people recommend this book to me. Taiye Selasi is such a talented writer. She is Ghanaian. I also can’t get enough of that orange jumpsuit!


Taiye Selasi.jpg


I love African Literature and I can’t wait to get into this one. If you have any African Literature recommendations as well, I would love to hear them!

3)   Undaunted by Christine Caine- I love Christine Caine! She is definitely my favourite preacher (and my other favourite preacher is Dawnchere Wilkerson haha) I heard her speak for the first time five years ago, and then at Hillsong Conference and Colour Conference over the years, and she is just so inspiring. I was actually given this book by a friend years ago, and I got half way with it, but then I got swamped up with work, and I’ve been saying I’ll come back to it, so I’m keeping that promise this year!

4)   How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney – This particular one is courtesy of my Dad’s library. I’ve always loved history, and it is one class I wish I took in school. I’m especially interested in knowing more about Nigeria’s history and Africa’s history as a whole. I believe understanding patterns from our past could help us understand the present better, so this is one I am really looking forward to reading.

5)   No Sense of Limits by Araceli Aipoh- My friend’s mum actually wrote this one. Her daughter Jojo and I were childhood besties. We ended up moving to different countries- she moved to the Philippines years ago while I moved to Toronto at the time, and now that she’s moved back to Nigeria, I’m here in London. Her mother is such a talented writer from the Philippines. My mum has read this one actually, and I can’t wait to read it too! Jojo recently started her own Patisserie and she has been blogging about those experiences so you can catch up with her adventures here.

6)   The Concept of Law by HLA Hart- I love Jurisprudence, it was definitely my favourite course at Uni. While I am a Dworkinian, I’ve always been a fan of Hart’s ideas too. I read a huge part of this book at Uni, but it was for exam purposes, so I didn’t get to appreciate it properly. My teacher said the best way to appreciate it was to read it when we were done with Uni.  I would normally never read a school book for non-school purposes, but the concept of law is different. It is one of the most cited books on Google, and I increasingly come across non-lawyers all the time who have read this book- which I’ve always found interesting. So yes! Challenge accepted!

7)   The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren 

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

This is one of my favourite quotes and this book is centered on finding out what that purpose is. Everyone I know that has read this book has talked about how important it is. It is definitely one of those must read books. It is in the form of a 40 day devotional. I actually think it is perfect for beginning a new season in your life; be it a new school year or a new working year. Definitely a must read!

8)   The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela- Madibaaa! Nelson Mandela was certainly one of the most inspirational people to ever live. I have watched documentaries about him but never an autobiography like this one, so I’m really looking forward to reading this one. I’ve always preferred to read books first before watching the movie adaptation- so I might be seeing the movie adaptation after reading this.




Speaking of books and movie adaptations. My all time favourite book is Harry Potter, I read each one at least four times! It made up most of my childhood, and I definitely preferred the books to the movies. It’s funny I started this post with Emma Watson, which was totally unplanned. I recently read this article where the writer stated that College life at Oxford is very similar to the House system at Hogwarts. At Oxford, everyone is accepted into a different college, where you would live and have most of your activities. I got accepted into St Hugh’s College, which was exciting seeing as people that have studied at St Hugh’s College include Amal Clooney- who I love! and Theresa May. A good number of scenes from Harry Potter were also shot in Oxford, including the great hall which is actually the dining hall at Christ Church college, Oxford. So it’s safe to say that I can't wait!


I hope you enjoyed my book recommendations and let me know if you have any!


Tunrie xx



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