Welcome to twenty two crowns! 

  "As you wait for the crown, tell the world of the treasure you found..." 2 Tim 4:8

Hello! my name is Tunrie, I am a twenty-something year old living in New York City. I am a lawyer, writer and art lover. I have lived in four different cities, Lagos, London, Toronto and New York City! I have a Masters Degree in Law from the University of Oxford (i.e. the Oxford BCL). I love writing, art, photography, travelling and Chai tea. I currently work with the United Nations’ Legal team in New York City.

I started this blog in 2017 when I was 22 to empower and encourage young people through their education, particularly people dealing with law degrees by providing practical tips, advice and lessons, drawn from my own experiences of overcoming all the obstacles and graduating with a First Class Law Degree from the University of Surrey in England. I am grateful to have been able to impact people’s lives positively through my blog. Some of these positive stories can be found here.

While this blog initially started as a blog about my law journey, it has grown beyond that to become a platform for female empowerment, finding your inner strength, and being everything you were made to be! On this blog, I share all my passions such as writing, law, photography, fashion, and my love for art. I also share my experiences from my time at Oxford (the most beautiful and magical city) and also my Faith too! I always say writing is my first love so I am so excited about this blog!

Welcome to my world!


Tunrie xx

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