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Be still my heart . .

Be still my heart . .

Hey Loves! When I started my blog, I promised to be regular with my posts, but I didn’t exactly honour this promise. Promises were never made to be broken so I apologise. Inspiration left me a while back but now she’s back with a VENGEANCE. I can’t help it, I keep telling her to calm down but she won’t.

So yesterday I was at Covent Garden to pick up some things. And while there, I came across the single most peaceful thing I have ever heard. I was walking, and I was like wait, what is that beautiful thing I’m hearing. Where is it coming from? I followed the music and I found this Chinese man playing Ancient Chinese music. It was beautiful; like radiant diamonds. I don’t have a video that does the moment enough justice. There is this ‘being present’ thing I’ve been doing lately. So when I have these beautiful moments in my life, I try to live in the moment first and take it in before taking a picture or recording it. And so far, it’s been amazing!

So I stopped to listen, I took out my earphones and just took it all in- his music, the scenery, the people. For those few minutes, it felt so peaceful. His music felt like a scene from ‘Eat Pray Love’, yes Bali is my dream holiday destination. Anything peaceful and serene has my heart.  I managed to get a short clip of his session when he was almost done, after I had taken it all in, but the clip still doesn’t do the moment enough justice.

During those few minutes of him playing, some people stopped to take it in, but some people just kept on walking past without noticing. I’m aware that Ancient Chinese music isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea lol, but it was altogether lovely.

And it really got me thinking, that a lot of the time we go through life without stopping to notice and be present and just take in the beautiful things of life. If we’re not careful, life could be this never-ending cycle. So you work hard for so many years to get that degree, and you get that. Then you work even harder to get that job, and then to get promoted. But it doesn’t end there. You meet your soul mate, and one day you’ll feel life growing inside of you, and you don’t only have to give that life a home; but a meaning, a purpose, a reason to live. And then the cycle continues. So sometimes, we need to just be still and just breathe and take it all in.

I love the phrase ‘Be still’ because it encapsulates so much of what this world needs. Sometimes, you just need to calm down, relax, take a deep breath and take it all in. My favourite Yoruba phrase is “aye o ma le to yen” meaning life isn’t that complicated. And I believe this is true. I believe that sometimes we complicate things for ourselves. I mean, what if life was actually that simple. What if life was as simple as a two year old’s laugh, or those promises of hope in Psalms, or a baby’s smile or that Chinese guy on the corner of the road playing Ancient Chinese music. No complications, no hidden meanings, just out there in front of us to embrace. And what if the answer to this question is yes, maybe life isn’t so hard and maybe we just complicate things for ourselves. Maybe life is my two year old cousin- Anu’s laugh. Maybe life is all those moments, those memories that we live through day in day out without realizing how special they really are. Maybe life isn’t complicated, maybe it’s just beautiful and it’s just reaching out its arms to us, for us to just grasp it and embrace it.

I don’t know who’s reading this, but maybe you’re running through life to fast. Maybe you’re over-thinking things. Maybe it’s really not that serious. Maybe you need to tell your heart to be still. And just breathe. Relax. Don’t worry your life away. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely; whatever is admirable, excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things. Darling, be still.

Sending Positive Energy your way!

Tunrie xx

P.S. I will be posting regularly from now on ;)

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Dear Diary . . .

Dear Diary . . .