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Trusting God with the Little Things

Trusting God with the Little Things

I went into my final year, with so much fire in me. I was so determined to do well. I bought all the stationery in Tesco lol because I was the first. One of the first decisions I had to make was choosing my modules. My prayer was “God give me the modules that will give me excellent grades”. I look back now and I know He took that request very seriously.

I had taken Commercial law in my first semester and mahn! I hated it! I was so tired of the module, so the plan was to move to Child law. I was not going to do Commercial Law for another semester. That was my prayer, God please let them accept my request to do Child law instead of Commercial law if that is your will. But low-key I was hoping that, that was God’s will. But I forgot, you can’t play God, because he knows your every thought. So as God would have it, my request was declined! I was in Co-operative stores when I saw that email. Nothing could make that day any worse. I was going to have to do another semester of a course I hated. How was I going to have good grades? I was so upset.

Eventually, I accepted it and I said God even if it is Commercial law I end up doing. I know you’ve got me. That might even be the module I do the best in, not because I’m smart or anything but because you are with me. I remember later telling my friend about it. She told me something similar had happened to her, that her request to move to a module had been declined. We both agreed that this was not going to be a setback but we were going to do well regardless.

Not till now, did I know the significance of that moment- I had removed my hands from the steering wheel. I was no longer hoping that moving to 'child law' was God’s will for me. I had just gotten assigned to probably the most difficult module at my University and I was declaring with my friend that regardless, it would still be my best grade as long as God was with me. I was letting God be God.

The following day I told another friend what happened, and he told me to call my tutor and see what he could do. I didn’t know if that would help matters and seeing as I was already gradually accepting the most difficult module; in fact I started to look forward to it, knowing God had this! But God had a better plan. Something just told me to go and see my tutor anyways. My tutor emailed the lecturer handling the course changes to see if there was anything she could do but my Tutor emailed me later that day to inform me that the lecturer said there was nothing she could do. Sigh.

Anyways, the semester started, I was getting ready for my Commercial law module, just believing God had this. Then I got an email from the Lecturer handling the course changes, she said she had been thinking about my case a lot, and she wanted me to go for the ‘child law’ lecture as she was trying to find space for me. I must have impressed God with my faith at that moment, because I wasn’t exactly excited. I had gotten to the point where I believed that whatever module I got placed, as long as God was with me, I was going to be alright. So I went for the child law lecture, I liked it more than I liked commercial law, the cases were very interesting. Eventually the move was effected. I was officially moved to child law. I had later learnt that out of everyone who wanted to move from commercial law to child law, I was the only one who was successful, talk about favour. Even at that point, I remember having these small doubts, whether I was really meant to do child law and if I wasn’t just better off sticking to commercial law. Lol! I had started to love my worst subject because I knew that God was greater. I stuck with Child law regardless because it was already on the system. I remember thinking if God didn’t want me to do this module, I wouldn’t be doing it. I knew I could not have gone through all that stress for nothing, and very soon it would all make sense.

And it did all make sense eventually. I had three pieces of coursework that semester and one exam. When the exam timetables came out, all my course works were due on the same day, on the first of June: my ‘child law’, ‘evidence’ and  ‘law and public policy in the U.S’ modules. My jurisprudence exam was on the 5th of June. I was so upset when I found out that all my 3 course works worth 100% each were due on the same day. I could not fathom how I had only two months to prepare for that and an exam only four days after- Jurisprudence for that matter! I was so worried until I saw the timetable again and realised that the Commercial law exam was on the 1st of June!!! Meaning if I had done Commercial law. I would have had all my course works due on the same day as well as my Commercial law exam to write on that same day. All my course works took so much from me, in fact I had to rush one of them in less than a week because I did not have enough time. So if I had not changed from Commercial Law to Child law, I probably would have failed Commercial law, because in addition to the fact that it was a very difficult module, I would not have had enough time to revise seeing as the exam would have been on the same day that all my course works were due. I would have spent all the time on my Course works. I remember my course works were due at 4pm on the 1st of June, and I submitted them at 3:55 pm on that day after working on them for two months, so I wonder what time I would have had if I had an exam that day as well. I would have failed my commercial law exam and I would not have gotten a first class degree. I heard some people in my class complaining about having their commercial law exam and their course works due on the same day and I could only thank God.

For me, what I learned was, even in what might seem the smallest decisions, you need to pray to God before making them. And not the half-hearted, “God I hope my will is your will” prayer, because you can’t fool God. But the “God I surrender to your will, whatever it is, even if it is the most difficult thing ever, I know you’ve got me” type of prayer. When I was still holding on to my will, I got Commercial law and my move to child law was rejected, when I surrendered my will knowing God was working in my favour whatever the circumstance, God worked in marvellous ways, such that a lecturer who had told me she could not do anything, emailed me effecting my move from Commercial law to Child law- a module that contributed to my first class degree because I did very well on it.

So today, I don't know what it is that you are believing God for, be it in your academics, financially, in your relationships or in your workplace. Are you still holding on to your will? thinking you can do it on your own. You need to let go today, completely. You need to let go and let God. Let Jesus take the wheel. That’s when you’ll see him work in amazing ways, in ways you can’t even imagine. If it helps, it’s even easier to do! Just let go! Rest! Relax! Trust in Him absolutely! The kind of 100% faith and devotion Elijah talked about in 1 Kings 21. Rest! and see him work in amazing ways!

Sending positive energy your way!

Tunrie xx


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