I'm Tunrie, welcome to my blog! Join me as I share my love for all things law, fashion, travelling, art, writing, and my faith too! Welcome to my world! 



If you're new to my blog, Welcome! My name is Tunrie, I am a twenty-two year old living in Oxford, the city of dreaming spires and also the most magical city! I am currently completing my Masters in Law at the University of Oxford (i.e the Oxford BCL). I love writing, art, photography, travelling and Chai tea. I have lived in three different cities: Lagos, Toronto and London!

I started my blog to empower and encourage people dealing with their University, Law or final year journeys by providing practical tips, advice and lessons drawn from my own experiences. However, I also share my other loves such as fashion, beauty, photography, writing and my love for art too.

Ironically, this wasn't actually my first blog post! But I am aware that when reading blogs people tend to scroll to the bottom and read the very first post, and this can be confusing depending on how the blog was actually written. So I am here to add some order into your life! hopefully lol My very first blog post was 'Dear Diary'. Fun fact- the first few posts on my blog were all released on the same day. 

So in terms of order in reading this blog, I would say that this blog has had three phases so far. The first phase at the very bottom ('Dear Diary' and everything below...), covers my University Journey and an intro into my other passions and everything I love. The second phase of my blog- with posts somewhere in the middle ('A year of Art' and everything below...) covers my year off which I had before Oxford and all the adventures during that time. The third phase and current phase at the very top ('Moving to Oxford' and everything above...) covers when I moved to the most magical city! Oxford. So you can decide wherever you would like to begin from.

'Dear Diary' gives you an intro into the first phase of my blog when I first started this blog. The 'About' section gives you an intro into the third and current phase of my blog! I'd say a good first post to start with is "My University/Law Journey".

If you're not one for order and you can't be bothered then by all means start from anywhere! lol be my guest! This has been a long time coming, so join me as I share my love for all things art, writing, travelling, fashion, law, photography and my faith too!

Welcome to my world!


Tunrie xx

A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table